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Reporters Against Power, Ep. 6 - Russia

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In Moscow, Fidan Ekiz visits Novaja Gazeta, one of the few critical newspapers in Russia.

Ever since six journalists of NG were murdered in the line of duty, chief editor Muratov worries about the danger his colleagues get themselves into. Pavel Kanygin is one of NG’s star reporters. While covering the Ukraine, he has been kidnapped and beaten up twice by pro-Russia rebels. And of course he has been reporting on the crash of flight MH-17. For that reason, Pavel is sent to the Netherlands to cover the investigation report about what caused the plane to crash. Fidan stays in Moscow to witness how the event is covered by the dominant pro-Putin media like Russia Today and Lifenews. Their propaganda strategy is simple: Everybody is lying anyway, so people can choose the truth that suits them best. That is the tragedy of Pavel and of Novaja Gazeta. They fight for the truth in a country where the majority of the people does not even believe truth exists.

Series Description:

A daughter of Turkish immigrants in The Netherlands, Fidan Ekiz visits the courageous people that practice journalism under dictatorship or oppression and becomes a part of their adventurous daily life. After being a news correspondent in Turkey for some years, Fidan returns to The Netherlands and starts making documentaries. At age of 38 she tries to redefine the importance of journalism.

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