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Reporters Against Power, Ep. 1 - Turkey

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Fidan Ekiz revisits Istanbul, where she used to work as a news correspondent. Turkey has changed a lot under president Erdogan. For journalists who are critical towards the government, the social climate has become much harsher. Independent news media are being shut down, or threatened with huge fiscal penalties. Journalists risk being fired without any reason. The social climate is one of self-censorship and fear, resulting in a staggering lack of solidarity among journalists.

Series Description:

Fidan Ekiz visits the courageous people that practice journalism under dictatorship or oppression and becomes a part of their adventurous daily life. After being a news correspondent in Turkey for some years, Fidan returns to The Netherlands and starts making documentaries. At age of 38 she tries to redefine the importance of journalism.

A daughter of Turkish immigrants in The Netherlands, Fidan Ekiz studied journalism. She was a news correspondent in Turkey for some years. Upon her return to the The Netherlands Fidan started making documentaries and became a television celebrity.

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