With God On Our Side - Episode 3

With God On Our Side - Episode 3

After Vietnam and Watergate, America is looking for a Good Father, and despite media befuddlement at the 'born-again' Jimmy Carter, his religious faith helps convince voters he can heal the nation. Carter's election heralds a new era of evangelical engagement in every area of modern life, from broadcasting to basketball. But modern life also means divorce, feminism, and gay rights, and at Carter's White House Conference on Families, conservative Christians choose polarization on those issues over reuniting the American family.

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Main credits

Robertson, Cliff (Narrator)
Skaggs, Calvin (Producer)
Skaggs, Calvin (Director)
Taylor, David Van (Producer)

Other credits

Produced and directed by David Van Taylor.

Docuseek2 subjects

Distributor subjects

American Studies
Cold War
Gay Studies
Health Care Issues
History (U.S.)
Media Studies
Social Movements


Religious Right; President Bush; evangelical Christianity; evangelical; George W. Bush; Pat Robertson Ralph Reed; Christian Coalition; conservative ; Paul Weyrich; Reverend Jerry Falwell; Doug Wead; David Frum; Don Poage; oil-business; Bible-study; Billy Graham; Richard Nixon; video; documentary; film; Christian anti-Communism; grassroot; grassroots; Church and State ; sex education; textbook; Jimmy Carter; Moral Majority; "With God On Our Side - Episode 3"; Icarus Films;

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