The Hitler Chronicles - Blueprint for Dictators - Part 2

The Hitler Chronicles - Blueprint for Dictators - Part 2

When the crisis looms, there’s a surge, and the party continues to grow. In the early 30’s, the NSDAP gains voters in every election. Hitler is appointed Reich Chancellor when the conservative powers expect him to help get rid of the communists. But with lies and pure violence Hitler gets rid of political opponents and finally of those who brought him to power. His power becomes unrestricted and unlimited. Hitler is Chancellor and President for life and admired by the people who ignore the persecution of the mentally ill, political enemies, and the Jews. Germany is admired and feared at the same time by other countries. Hitler, meanwhile, amasses fortunes and hides his private life in Obersalzberg, which is declared a restricted area. He propagates a Spartan lifestyle while feasting with his mistress.

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Germany, Hitler, Adolf Hitler, World War II, war, peace, Europe; "The Hitler Chronicles - Blueprint for Dictators"; Nazi; Nazism; fascism; Weimar