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Some answers for the hard questions about growing up male in America.

Bullfrog Films | 2002 | 57 minutes

A film about electricity, identity, family, and about the many ways we lie to ourselves when faced with overwhelming facts. It is the story of a family coming to terms with hard personal truths against the backdrop of a global crisis.

Bullfrog Films | 2017 | 92 minutes

A contemplative and open-ended exploration of existence itself.

National Film Board of Canada | 2016 | 5 minutes

Confronted with unforeseen pregnancies and, in most cases, abortions, men reveal their feelings and thoughts.

Icarus Films | 2017 | 58 minutes

An unfettered study of the penis's place in history, art, religion, and contemporary life.

Bullfrog Films | 2000 | 45 minutes

Men talk honestly about their penises.

Icarus Films | 1999 | 55 minutes

This look at several Native comedians overturns the conventional notion of the 'stoic Indian' and shines a light on an overlooked element of Native culture--humour and its healing powers.

National Film Board of Canada | 2001 | 55 minutes

Shredded is about a group of teenage boys who want to transform their bodies so they become "shredded" like the muscle-filled bodies of their media heroes.…

National Film Board of Canada | 2005 | 22 minutes

Oscar-nominated filmmaker Debra Granik ("Winter's Bone") returns to SW Missouri for her first documentary, looking at the life of Vietnam vet, Ron "Stray Dog" Hall, and shattering some stereotypes.

Bullfrog Films | 2016 | 102 minutes