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Close Relations (Rodnye)

Russian citizen and Soviet-born Ukrainian native Vitaly Mansky crisscrosses Ukraine to explore country’s society after the Maidan revolution.

Icarus Films | 2016 | 114 minutes

The Coal Miner's Day

Every day hundreds of men risk life and limb going down into the Buzhanska mine in the Ukraine to mine coal with rusty old tools from the Soviet era.

Icarus Films | 2014 | 80 minutes

The Gas Weapon

A clear and much-needed examination of the role natural gas and gas pipelines play in the geopolitics of Russia and Ukraine.

Icarus Films | 2014 | 52 minutes

La Supplication (Voices from Chernobyl)

Based on the novel by Svetlana Alexievich, recipient of a Nobel Prize in Literature, the film examines with the world of Chernobyl, about which we know very little. Eyewitness reports have survived: scientists, teachers, journalists, couples, children. They tell of their old daily lives, then of the catastrophe.

Andana Films | 2017 | 86 minutes

Life 4 - Crisis Control

Ukraine's emerging HIV epidemic is contrasted with Africa's longstanding HIV/AIDS catastrophe.

Bullfrog Films | 2005 | 26 minutes

Nine Month War

Jani has left his family to serve in the Ukrainian Army for nine months. His mother wants her son back. Jani just wants independence. Combining visuals of cinema verité and mobile footage of war, László Csuja chronicles Jani’s fight for adulthood during his military service and after his discharge.

Deckert Distribution | 2018 | 73 minutes

On the Border of the Ideal

How do ideals survive in times of deep crisis?

Dutch CORE | 2022 | 49 minutes

Life - The Outsiders

Explores the moral and economic dilemmas that adolescents face in the Ukraine today.

Bullfrog Films | 2000 | 24 minutes


A portrait of the people who live and work in the Chernobyl restricted zone, and of those who have moved back.

KimStim | 1999 | 100 minutes

Truth as a Weapon

How the Baltic states are fighting against Russian disinformation.

Dutch CORE | 2022 | 50 minutes