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The Art of Yodeling

Hipster goes yodel... We follow the philosophy student and yodeler Polkabjørn on his way to the ultimate yodel experiences, and to success.

First Hand Films | 2012 | 58 minutes

Being BeBe: The BeBe Zahara Benet Documentary

Celebrating queer black excellence - the story of legendary Cameroonian drag performer Marshall Ngwa (aka BeBe Zahara Benet), before & after becoming RuPaul's drag race’s very first champion

GOOD DOCS | 2021 | 93 minutes

A Family Quartet

Meet 16 year old Dutch violin talent Noa Wildschut and her family during the three years leading up to her debut album and international breakthrough. When Noa's talent reaches a new high, this affects the family as a whole.

Deckert Distribution | 2018 | 73 minutes

Finding Her Beat

A master of Japanese drumming and a Korean adoptee from Minnesota boldly convene an all-female troupe to perform Taiko, the Japanese drumming art that has been off-limits to women for centuries

GOOD DOCS | 2022 | 88 minutes

A Lion's Trail

A LION’S TRAIL takes us on a humorous and enlightening journey through the international music industry, tracing the fate of the most famous melody ever to come from Africa.

First Hand Films | 2002 | 54 minutes

Lonely Boy

The story of popular singer Paul Anka.

National Film Board of Canada | 1962 | 26 minutes

Marcelo Alvarez

Argentinian tenor seeks inspiration from work of deceased tango singer, Carlos Gardel.

Bullfrog Films | 2000 | 55 minutes

Masterclass with Menuhin

Extraordinary meeting between two prodigies of the violin.

Bullfrog Films | 1989 | 56 minutes


An off-beat anniversary tribute to Mozart through some Mozart-loving eccentrics.

Bullfrog Films | 2006 | 54 minutes

Nobody Knows My Name 

Tells the story of women who are connected by their love for hip-hop music.

Women Make Movies | 1999 | 58 minutes