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Neither man nor woman, Chris is a 'Two-Spirit,' in between genders.

Icarus Films | 2012 | 76 minutes

Real women reveal their breasts and uncover personal truths in this gently provocative documentary exploring embodiment, womanhood, and the power of being seen.

First Run Features | 2018 | 57 minutes

A follow-up to the video, A Thousand Tomorrows, More Than A Thousand Tomorrows revisits one of the couples, Everett and Betty Jordan and looks at the changes Alzheimer's causes in their intimate relationship.

Terra Nova Films | 2003 | 22 minutes

An exploration of the complex issues surrounding sexuality and dementia, including quality of life, capacity to consent, resident protections, and potential legal issues.

Terra Nova Films | 2017 | 78 minutes

An exploration of the changes that Alzheimer's disease has on intimacy and sexuality.

Terra Nova Films | 1995 | 31 minutes