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The Docuseek Canadian Collection 3rd Edition LoF

The DocuseekĀ Canadian Collection 3rd Edition will be filled out to 2000 exclusive titles by December 31, 2024, for Life of File.

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The Docuseek Canadian Collection 3rd Edition LoF includes the following titles:

The Power of Two - imageThe Power of Two

A story of twin sisters, two cultures, and two new chances at life.

Collective Eye Films | 2011 | 94 minutes
Investigation of a Flame - imageInvestigation of a Flame

An intimate look at the Catonsville Nine who on May 17, 1968 walked into a Catonsville, Maryland draft board office, grabbed hundreds of selective service records and incinerated them with homemade napalm.

Icarus Films | 2001 | 45 minutes | 10-12, College, Adult
The Last Happy Day - imageThe Last Happy Day

A portrait of a doctor who saw the worst of society and ran.

Icarus Films | 2015 | 37 minutes
Starfish Aorta Colossus - imageStarfish Aorta Colossus

Paolo Javierā€™s text is a catalyst for the digital sculpting of an 8mm Kodachrome canvas.

Icarus Films | 2015 | 5 minutes
Your Day is My Night - imageYour Day is My Night

In this provocative, hybrid documentary, the audience joins a present-day household of immigrants living together in a shift-bed apartment in the heart of Chinatown.

Icarus Films | 2013 | 64 minutes
A Texas Myth - imageA Texas Myth

Indigenous activists in West Texas.

Collective Eye Films | 2019 | 79 minutes
About a War - imageAbout a War

A documentation of the Lebanese Civil War.

Collective Eye Films | 2019 | 84 minutes
Alias Ruby Blade - imageAlias Ruby Blade

An action-packed documentary which chronicles the tumultuous birth of a new nation in East Timor through a never-before-seen perspective. Kirsty Sword, a young Australian activist, aspired to be a documentary filmmaker, but instead she became a revolutionary.

Collective Eye Films | 2013 | 78 minutes
Austin Unbound - imageAustin Unbound

A look at the intersection of disability and gender identity.

Collective Eye Films | 2014 | 43 minutes
Brave Girls - imageBrave Girls

The story of three women and arranged marriage.

Collective Eye Films | 2018 | 68 minutes

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